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Why should you choose bonds over stocks?

Bonds may seem like an archaic mean of transferring value, but they are far from it. As they are not as exciting as the stock options, people tend to assume that there is no value in bonds. The truth couldn’t be further from reality. There are many ways to use bonds and several reasons why they are, at times, better than stock.

Safe investment

The main difference between the bond and stock is in their nature. With bonds, you don’t own a part of a company or any shares, you own debt, in a way. This means that your bond’s value is less likely to be influenced by the economy. In the worst case – if your company goes bankrupt, you will still get paid a part or entirety of your investment. Stockholders, on the other hand, often get nothing.

As a way of making a fortune – bonds may not be the best option, but they are the safer one. There is no risk-free equivalent to bonds in the stock world.

Safe investment

Long term security

As we said – bonds are not as glamorous as stock. And this makes them more secure. They won’t make you as rich, but in particular conditions of the market, they are life savers. Choosing bonds over stock significantly improve your security over an extended period. They are more stable and far more reliable. This makes them an excellent retirement plan.

Surety bonds are also a great way to protect yourself and investment. Their long time stability can often help you out when you hit a bump on the stock market.


bankYou can go and put your money into a bank, or you can go and invest in a bond. Which one is better? Well, it greatly depends on the conditions and the particular situation and conditions. Still, there are more than enough cases where bonds are simply better. Bonds are safe and stable, making them a likely source of income for the years to come. Asides from the retirement plans and insurance financing, they are ideal for college funds for your kids.


Investing in bonds can do wonders for your portfolio. The amount of resource you put into bonds is a complex matter and involves many changing factors. One rule of thumb tells us that this number should rise with age. Still, this can be misleading and confusing. Investors are the ones making the decisions and should decide accordingly to the market. Just make sure to remember that you can always use bonds as a protection method and make sure your investment is safe in the long term.