About Us

Lasting long in the investment business is a testimony to quality by itself. It is a hard thing to achieve stability in a branch of industry defined by fluctuations. Still, we are lasting for three decades now, and our business is only getting better.

After finishing the law school, I partnered up with my old friend who majored in law. Together, we started a company and our lifelong story of success. We focused mainly on the bonds and investments, generating revenue and learning along the way. In these many years, we grew and gained experience, hired many new people and we can proudly say that we now have a large second family with our employees.

That is how we got an idea to start this site. We wanted to give back to the community. The idea is that we publish stories, legal advice and financial tips that can help others achieve success.


Hello, my name is Stan McGaha, the CEO, and founder of the Panamax Sales. I consider myself the main driving force behind this company. I like to believe that my idea and optimism is what inspires my employees and my clients alike. My responsibility lies in financial planning and management.

David Heart

Greetings, I am David Heart, and I am the legal advisor for the Penamax Sales. One of my main daily tasks is making sure everything is on point – legal-wise. This means that I’m the one to ask about all legal troubles. My years of expertise are what Mr. McGaha recognized as essential to his company

Cynthia D. Ryder

Hello, my name is Cynthia D. Ryder, and I've been working as the financial adviser for the last 15 years. In my years of working in a big company such as this one, I have learned a lot. I am looking to share my experience and knowledge with others, and a lot of what you will read here will come from me.

Please let us know if you have any questions.